Rule Number One: Make a point of getting to know your customers' names, contact information and preferences, and make sure your contact information -- your name, phone number, and email and website address -- is clearly displayed on everything you distribute, from campaign books to business cards.

Spread the Word

Everyone you meet is a potential customer, so always be prepared by carrying business cards and campaign books with you and handing them out freely. Make it your goal to hand out books to two new people every day and be sure to get back in touch with them before the campaign ends.

Advertise your business by posting flyers on community bulletin boards or a sign in your front yard. Submit a blurb for inclusion in the newsletters of any organizations you may belong to -- clubs, your church, your neighborhood HOA or the PTA, for instance.

Is your community hosting a fair in the future? Consider renting booth space to sell your wares and promote your business.

Target Women at Work or School 

Don't overlook any businesses that exist in your area -- professional buildings, beauty shops, city offices, and so forth. Introduce yourself and ask to leave a stack of campaign books in an area employees frequent -- perhaps the break room, the front desk, or even the ladies' restrooms. Take it a step further and ask about hosting an introductory party during lunchtime in the cafeteria or conference room, where you can display your products and hand out books and samples. Raffle off a few small prizes (Avon products, of course) and serve light refreshments. To get the word out beforehand, you could display posters advertising the event, write a brief note for publication in the company's newsletter, or request that an email invitation you create be forwarded to all employees.

Do you live near a college? Think about hosting a similar event for students in dormitories, sororities or the student center. Consider providing makeovers or manicures (or let students experiment with each other) to inspire sales.

Host a Holiday Open House

An Avon party or open house is a fun way to bring friends and relatives together and promote your business at the same time. Holidays, especially Christmas, are a great time for this. Have plenty of display products, samples and refreshments on hand -- you could even make it a combination Avon party and Christmas cookie exchange! Spotlight stocking stuffers and gift-worthy items, like perfumes and jewelry. If you're crafty, you could create themed gift baskets or bags to sell -- for teens, men and teachers, for instance -- or offer to wrap all purchases ordered that day for free.

Go Digital

Take advantage of technology to promote product sales. Creating a website offers endless possibilities. You can author articles on fashion and beauty trends, show comparisons between your products and your competitor's, offer tips on solving beauty dilemmas and showcase any product raves and reviews from other publications. Get visitors to your site involved. Ask for feedback. Post a survey and its results. You can highlight features in the current campaign book, and even allow customers to submit order forms online. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are another way to gain exposure and point people to your website.