Your business's anniversary is an ideal time to promote your success and reward your loyal customers. An anniversary also provides an opportunity to lay the foundation for future growth by attracting new customers. A few well-planned and implemented marketing ideas can help make your anniversary both memorable and profitable.

Charity Event

One way to establish a stronger presence in your community is to tie your business's anniversary to a charity event. For instance, you can publicize your place of business as a drop-off point for a canned food or winter coat collection drive as a way to attract and impress customers while providing a valuable service for your fellow citizens. Another option is to advertise the fact that you will donate a portion of your sales to a charity during your anniversary week.

Inception Year Theme

Stage a special promotion that commemorates the year you started your business. If you are marking your 30th anniversary, for instance, roll back prices on specific items to match what they were back when you first started your business. Play music that was popular at the time. Ask your employees to dress in clothing of the era and offer a discount to customers who do the same.

Year-Based Pricing

Offer a promotion in which you give customers a pricing discount based on the number of years you've been in business. For instance, if you've been operating for 12 years, offer 12 percent off all your products on your anniversary. This method works well for commemorating "off-year" anniversaries that may not be as notable as such milestones as 10 or 25 years.

High-Tech Ideas

Use modern technology to help promote your anniversary and generate more sales. If your business has developed an email customer list, use email blasts to remind them of your anniversary and inform them of special promotions. Redesign your website's home page to include an anniversary seal emblem as well as a history of your company and all its accomplishments. Send anniversary messages via social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your site.