A 10-year anniversary gives you the ideal opportunity to let everyone know your company is thriving after a decade of being in business. The celebration can be as simple as dedicating a wall in your reception area to the company’s past 10 years of success, or as extravagant as holding a themed bash for customers, employees and associates.

Create a Timeline

Use your company’s history, product rollouts and photos to create a timeline that progresses through the 10 years your company has been in business. Use the timeline on your website, linking to news stories, photos or other information that amplifies your entries on the timeline. Starting 10 days before a big celebration activity, use the information you uncover to post one interesting message per day on your social media pages to generate interest.

Host a Party

Plan a 10th anniversary themed party and invite your top customers, vendors, suppliers and business associates. Serve food and beverages, and let people know you’ll be giving away 10 of your company’s products or services during the party to encourage people to attend. Plan a short ceremony that highlights important milestones, such as showing the progression of the company for each of the past 10 years. Recognize employees who’ve been with your company for the entire time. Promote the party through invitations that use a design featuring “10” along with your company name and logo to make a visual statement.

Set the Price

Offer a rollback promotion with prices the same as when your business started to increase sales and attract new customers. Hang colorful banners in your business and on the street that say “10 Year Anniversary Price Rollback.” Limit the rollback to your anniversary date, a weekend or just a few days for a call to action that compels people to stop by during that time. Decorate using balloons with “10” on them to draw attention to your success.

Feature a Giveaway

Advertise a big giveaway as part of your 10-year anniversary. For instance, a bakery in Chicago gave single boxed cupcakes away to everyone who stopped by on their 10th anniversary. They also sent out press releases to let everyone know they were doing so to drum up free coverage of the promotion.

Give Tin or Aluminum

Send a promotional product in tin or aluminum – traditional materials used in gifts for 10-year anniversaries – to remind customers, vendors and business associates of your success. Print your company name, logo, and “10th Anniversary” or “Celebrating 10 Years In Business” on the item to reinforce your anniversary message.

Focus on Employees

Plan an employees-only celebration to boost morale and show appreciation. Hold the event at a nearby resort or an amusement park, and invite your staff's family members to join in on the fun. You also can cater a dinner and hold a small awards ceremony to thank those who’ve been with the company for the entire 10 years.