Sending a marketing newsletter to your customers or clients is an efficient method of promoting your company and its offerings. Some companies still send print newsletters by mail, but email newsletters are often more cost effective and can expand your reach in the modern digital age. Gain subscribers to your newsletter through links on your website and social media networking. Send newsletters at least once a month, but no more than weekly, to avoid overwhelming your recipients. Ensure there is a way to unsubscribe from your newsletter so that it isn't considered spam.


Keep in mind that a marketing newsletter is as much about establishing a relationship with customers and building brand loyalty as it is about selling your products or services. Limit your special offers to one per newsletter and make them compelling. Provide a coupon or discount in your newsletter or let your customers know about an upcoming sale. Offer a free or discounted estimate or consultation if you have a service business.

Helpful Tips

Include an article in each newsletter that provides useful information that's related to your business. You can write about recent news or developments related to your industry or offer articles with practical advice. Keep articles short or post them on a company blog and include just the first paragraph with a link to the blog post.

Product Spotlight

Pick a product or service to highlight in each newsletter. Your customers or clients might not be aware of everything you offer, and you can even do a spotlight on two products bundled together in a special deal. The spotlight is also a good way to introduce readers to any new offerings you have. Include a small picture and a dynamic description.

Company Information

A small blurb in each newsletter can highlight vital or interesting company information. Give a short history of the company or interview a key employee. Include a map if you have a store and supply complete contact information. Let readers know about milestones such as anniversaries or exceeding sales goals and if you receive any awards. If you participate in community events or fundraisers, write an article about the event and the role you played.


Customer testimonials let your readers know that you're a legitimate and trustworthy business. If you receive positive comments about your company from customers, ask for permission to publish them in your newsletter. If you have a repeat or long-term client, do an interview for your newsletter and make sure you ask why your client is happy with your company. If your customer is also a business owner, she might appreciate the exposure.