Businesses participate in trade shows to maximize their exposure, meet with potential clients and network with colleagues. There's an exciting dynamic that exhibitors experience as they come up with trade show goals, plan their booths and generate ideas as to how they can attract trade show attendees to their booths to inquire about their products and services. Exhibitors often use raffle prizes as an incentive for attendees to visit their booths.

Free Products or Services

Offer a product or service from your company as a trade show raffle prize. A life coach could offer a free training session, while a toy developer could offer the winner his best-selling toy. A raffle prize will not only provide you with an opportunity to further promote your products and services, it also may help you generate client leads through the people who participate in your raffle.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are ideal trade show raffle giveaways because they are widely used by a variety of people. Offer gift cards to a popular restaurant, store or spa or for services that may be relevant to the people in attendance at the trade show. People are interested in participating in raffles that offer products and services that they actually use.


An author or publishing company can offer free copies of their books as a trade show raffle prize, as long as the book content is relevant to the crowd in attendance. For an extra prize, raffle an autographed version of the book.

Seated Massage

Station a seated massage chair at your trade show booth and raffle seated massages to guests. Call a different winner every hour during the exhibit time to get participants excited that their name could be called next. Since trade shows involve a lot of walking and standing, participants will enjoy an opportunity to sit down and relax.

Promotional Items

Use your trade show raffle to give away promotional items that help advertise your business to trade show attendees. Hats, t-shirts, water bottles, note pads and binders that feature your company branding can be given away as prizes to raffle winners.

Themed Gift Baskets

Create a gift basket that is related to the theme of the show. If you're a wedding vendor at a trade show for brides-to-be, the basket can include items to help the bride prepare for her big day such as a wedding-themed binder, note pads, pens and an appointment book.


Electronics are costly trade show raffle ideas that companies with large budgets are able to afford. From televisions and computers to MP3 players and cameras, electronics are popular trade show raffle items that can generate a large number of participants.