Consignment shops offer consumers a variety of quality pre-owned items at discounted rates. Consumers supply consignment shops with items that they don't want anymore, and the consignment shops then work to sell the products. Consignment shop owners share the profit with the original owner once a product is sold. According to, the resale industry is on the rise, with more than 15,000 shops in the United States.

Children's Items

Parents are often in search of deals on children's apparel and toys, as well as creative, easy ways to get rid of items that their own children have outgrown. A children's consignment shop can fulfill both needs by offering a variety of toys, clothing and accessories for children of all ages. Set up an area in the store where children can play while their parents consign their items or make purchases.


Position your store to target individuals who may only be looking to purchase accessories through consignment. Focus on consigning accessories, rather than apparel, by offering items such as jewelry, hats, scarves, purses and shoes. Promote a consignment shop for accessories by offering clients a chance to host accessory parties at your store location. Host trunk shows to help promote the products that you have on consignment.

Books and Literature

Give avid readers and book collectors a place to shop and consign books. Offer a variety of genres to ensure that you reach a wide range of potential clients. Host monthly book clubs, invite authors in for book readings and signings and set up an area where customers can read books and enjoy coffee or tea after making a purchase.

Home Decor

From vases and pillows to throw rugs and candle holders, home decor consignment shops carry a wide range of items that consumers can use to decorate their homes. Offering everything from vintage wares to modern pieces, a home decor consignment shop can attract the attention of a diverse clientele.

Maternity Clothing

Mothers-to-be shop for affordable, comfortable, stylish fashions to wear during their pregnancy months. A consignment shop devoted to selling maternity clothing could cater to this market by offering casual, career and evening apparel. Host events for moms-to-be on baby-related topics including making baby food at home, the importance of being ready to have a baby and decorating a nursery.