Purses and handbags are some of the most attractive accessories for making an outfit complete. If your retail establishment sells purses, making these fashionable items appealing to customers can involve offering some perks to consumers. When customers feel they're getting a deal on a quality purse, they are more likely to patronize your business regularly.

Cross Promotion

Work with a nearby retail establishment or a business you have a favorable relationship with to cross-promote your purses. For instance, offer a coupon for a discount on a pair of shoes at a local retailer with each purse a customer purchases from your store. In turn, request that the shoe store give coupons for your store to each patron that purchases a pair of shoes. Or, discount another item in your store with each purse purchase. A certain percentage off a scarf or blouse when a customer buys a handbag can increase sales.

Free Items

Offer customers a free item with each purse purchase. A hair accessory or watch makes a trendy gift to include with a handbag, or you can offer a key chain that is the same brand as a purse. It's also a good idea to categorize your free items according to how much the purse costs. For instance, a purse that is under $50 can come with a free box of mini chocolates, while a purse purchase over $200 includes a free charm bracelet.


When a customer buys a purse, give a coupon for a discount, valid for a few months, so the individual can redeem the coupon the next time she's in the store. If you give out a coupon only when a customer purchases a handbag and make the coupon for another fashion item in the store, you can sell the purses for full price while offering discounts on store inventory in a lower price point.

Item Presentation

The way you present the purses in online ads or in the store window can also market the purses effectively. Showcase the handbags with a sheer, patterned scarf tied around the handle or next to a pair of designer flat shoes. Or, have a model wear the purse with a form-fitting trench coat in a neutral shade, so that a purse in a bright color will stand out. This will subconsciously prompt the customer to buy more than just a purse when patronizing your store, which can successfully increase your sales.