When you are selling doll clothes at a craft show, the appearance of your display can affect your sales. Spend time planning how you will set up your display. This might include drawing a diagram and organizing your clothes before you go to the craft show so you can set up quickly once you are there. If your display stands out from your competition it can lure more customers over to your stand, increasing your profits during the show.

Use Height

Create lightweight display stands made of plywood or cardboard and use them on your table at the craft show. Place the doll clothes on hangers and hang them from the top of the stands. Using stands will give your display some height and make it more visible when people are shopping at the craft show.

Make It Seasonal

Show a bit of creativity and display your doll clothes on dolls that you bring with you. Position them in poses for seasonal activities, such as on a small sled wearing winter clothes or on a toy surfboard with swimsuits. These kinds of displays show your customers that you have put thought into your clothes and how they can be used.

Create a Prize Wheel

Create a small wheel made out of cardboard that your customers can spin for prizes or discounts on their purchases. The prizes could include a free doll outfit or accessory such as a doll hat. People crowding around your table to play the game will draw attention to your stand and increase the exposure your doll clothes receive at the craft show.

Market for Both Genders

Yes, you can expect to see a lot of women at the craft show, but don't forget about the men. Some men will be shopping, and boys play with dolls as well. Create clothing for the sports-minded doll collector such as uniforms of the favorite local sports teams. Place pennants from those sports teams on your display area to attract the male customer along with female sports fans.