Lemonade doesn't have to be the only thing you sell at a lemonade stand. A customer with cash in his pocket may be just as willing to buy other items. The key to selecting other items to sell is to make sure their price is in line with the price of lemonade. Nobody wanders over to a lemonade stand to buy crystal stemware, so think of inexpensive ideas that will sell well to kids and their parents on a hot day.

Lemon Zest

Lemon is the skin of a lemon, and it is a delicious additive to desserts. If you make lemonade with fresh lemons, you may be throwing away money if you don't peel the lemon.The big problem with it is that it is very hard to get off. The part you want is the yellow--the white membrane between the fruit and the zest imparts a bitter flavor. Before juicing the lemons, use a potato peeler to remove the zest in large sheets, trimming off any of the white membrane with a paring knife. Store the zest by freezing in individual plastic baggies.

Iced Tea

A big jug of "sun" tea is a summertime tradition. Place water, tea bags and a couple of lemon slices in a clear glass container. The sun will heat the water, and the tea is made. Make one batch of sun tea ahead of time, and serve it to your customers, leaving the jug that's "in production" as a handy advertising vehicle. You can also make and sell brewed or powdered ice tea, which doesn't take as long to make.

Cookies, Sweets and Snacks

If you sell lemonade for $1, it might seem weird to sell other items for much more than that. Simple baked goods like a cookie or Rice Krispie treat might sell well. They are small, which is good, because a lot of people eat less on hot days. They are also inexpensive and easy to make, so that you can sell them for roughly the same amount of money as your lemonade. You can also sell bags of chips, pretzels, candy or other snacks that you buy in bulk and that won't melt outside.

Friendship Bracelets and Other Crafts

If you are the type of kid whose fingers can't stop moving, your parents may have introduced you the friendship bracelet. These knots of string woven into colorful braids continue to be popular among the tween set. If you have a few friendship bracelets--or any other craft product--consider placing them on the lemonade stand to sell. At the very least, it'll help you pay for more string.