Having an organized desk can help improve your work environment and your productivity. It makes the day less stressful if everything is in its correct spot and out of the way. To help create a clean work environment, use stackable trays to free up work space on your desk. Stackable wire trays can help you find items quickly and are more sturdy than plastic. There are two different ways to stack wire trays.

Things You Will Need
  • Wire trays

  • Stacker set

Non-stackable Wire Trays

Buy a stacker set. They are a set of four and look like Easter egg dippers. These can be be found online or at some office supply stores.

Take the open ended side of the wire (the part that looks like a large 'C') and hook it onto the outside corner of the bottom wire stacking tray. It should be woven through the wire at the bottom to make sure it holds. Repeat with the other three wires.

Place the other end of the wire (the part that is small and almost enclosed) so it hooks into and goes through the outside of each corner of the tray that's above the bottom tray. The only side of the stacker set touching the top tray is the small, almost enclosed side. The only side touching the bottom tray is the "C" shaped other end of the stacker set.

Stackable Wire Trays

Purchase as many stackable wire trays as wanted. You can find them online and at office supply stores. Be sure they're the stackable trays. Most will be just the size of a letter sheet of paper and have corners.

Stack as many trays as necessary. Each type of tray will have a different interlocking system for this. Don't stack the trays too high as they might tip over.

Fill your trays. Place heavier items on the bottom trays.


Some places even offer stackable legal-size wire trays.