Many businesses use a stapler like the Ace Clipper Stapler at their cash registers or points of sale. The stapler is lightweight, is pliers-style, and is meant to staple only two or three layers of paper at a time. Therefore, it is especially suited to stapling a receipt to a bag or an invoice. This is in contrast to a heavier-duty stapler needed for an office in which larger stacks of paper are stapled. The Ace Clipper Stapler is made of steel and has a chrome finish. Opening the staple slot for refilling is simple once the mechanism is known.

Hold the stapler securely in your left hand. Grasp it firmly with the top edge of the stapler resting in your palm. The stapling end will be pointed toward your left elbow.

At the opposite end from the stapling end, you will see a metal piece that is curved on both sides. This is the end of the staple channel. The curves on the end piece make it easy to pinch. Grasp this with your right thumb and forefinger.

Pinch the piece and lift up at the same time. This releases the staple channel from its internal latch. Pull the staple channel out all the way.

Refill the staple channel with staples, if necessary. To close the staple channel, simply push the channel back into the stapler. Make sure you feel and hear a click that signifies the staple channel has been firmly latched back into the stapler. Latching it in this way ensures that the staples will be pushed toward the stapling end by the spring-loaded mechanism firmly enough so that stapling will occur.


These instructions can be easily reversed if the user is left-handed.


Exercise caution when using any stapler. Pushing a metal staple into your finger can be painful and can also cause infection.