When you tire of fussing with a manual stapler, pulling out staple jams and punching down on the stapler to bind your papers, consider switching to a Swingline electric stapler. Powered by an AC adapter, batteries or even your hand, a Swingline stapler delivers consistent and reliable stapling--even through thick papers. The smooth and simple operation enables easy stapling with minimal familiarity with the stapler design.

Things You Will Need
  • 4 to 6 AA batteries

  • Staples

Insert the batteries into the battery compartment. Smaller models use four AA batteries, and heavy-duty models require six AA batteries. Or plug the Swingline electric stapler into a wall outlet with the AC adapter.

Push the side knob or button to eject the staple-loading carrier. Insert the staples into the carrier and push it back in until it clicks into position.

Slide the switch on the side of the Swingline electric stapler between manual and automatic stapling. If you choose manual, you will have to push the stapler down to staple papers. If you choose automatic, the stapler will staple automatically when you insert papers into it.

Insert between 12 and 70 pages--neatly stacked and aligned--into the Swingline electric stapler for stapling. Swingline's smallest electric stapler (the "Compact") handles only 12 sheets of paper, and its heaviest-duty model (the "Optima 70") can staple up to 70 sheets. Other Swingline electric staplers can staple 20 or 45 pieces of paper. Push down on the top of the stapler to manually staple the papers, or simply wait while the stapler automatically staples them.

Watch for a low-staple indicator to warn when you need to add staples.