Heavy-duty staplers differ from desktop staplers in the capacity of paper they are able to staple at one time. Heavy-duty staplers, sold by office supply stores and major retailers nationwide, are available in many options, designs and brands. Typically, a heavy-duty stapler can staple anywhere from 20 to 50 pages of paper with one staple. Heavy-duty staplers need heavy-duty staples to function properly. Using a manual heavy-duty stapler is similar to using a smaller desktop stapler. It's a simple process that can be performed in just a few steps.

Insert staples. Most heavy-duty staplers have a button on the back that releases a spring. When you press the button, the mechanism that holds the staples pops out of the front. Insert a row of new staples and push the mechanism back in the stapler.

Gather the stack of paper that you want to staple. Double-check your particular stapler for capacity, usually between 20 and 50 sheets of paper. Some heavy-duty staplers can staple up to 120 pages at a time. Make sure that all pages are flush with each other. Insert the stack of paper directly underneath the head of the stapler.

Push the arm of the stapler down onto the paper. You will hear a brief click, which means the staple has been inserted. Take your hand off the arm of the stapler to release it to its original position. Remove the stack of stapled paper and set aside. Repeat steps two and three until all stacks of paper have been stapled together.


Double-check your stapler's owners manual for sheet capacity and staple loading guidelines. While most staplers are the same in this regard, there are slight variances between different brands.


Keep fingers and hands away from the head of the stapler.