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Venture into the business world with Bizfluent, the one-stop shop for answers to your micro and macro questions about business.

Whether you’re a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned CEO, we aim to provide valuable facts and information on everything business so you can make well-informed decisions. We cover everything from taxes to management skills, marketing, credit and everything in between, so you can find the information you need to capitalize your business.

What We Are

We strive to create the most up-to-date and accurate business information. When we publish articles, we always keep the following in mind:

  • Always be credible.
    Written by experts in their field, our content is backed by credible sources and first-hand knowledge. You can rely on us to answer your queries.

  • Always be conversational and direct.
    Reading one of our articles should be like you are talking with friends or colleagues.

  • Always be informative.
    After reading one of our articles, you should leave thinking, “That was useful” or “That answered my question.”

What We Aren't

As a credible and factual business source, we strive to provide the best business information available. We aim to offer clarity and accurate information, therefore we:

  • Never use jargon.
    We avoid technical language and want to make sure all our articles are easy to understand at every level.

  • Never provide breaking news.
    We keep our content evergreen, so it can be accessed at any point and still be up-to-date.

  • Never deceitful.
    Our goal is only to provide accurate information so you can solve your business problems.

  • Never offer business advice.
    If you seek advice, please contact consultants and professionals. We aim to write factual content, not offer our opinions or business advice.

Who We Serve

We aim to offer answers to anyone who has a business question or issue. Our readers are:

  • Curious: The Bizfluent reader wants to learn more about the multi-faceted aspects of business and expand their knowledge.

  • Pro-active: Our readers want to educate themselves so they can make the best, well-informed decisions.

Our Writers and Articles

All of our writers are professional writers with years of business experience and a passion for the business niche. The articles that our writers create must adhere to our editorial standards, including:

  • Incorporating lively, interesting information. The articles should be easy to read and contain only the most pertinent and interesting information.

Meet Our Team

Scott Messer, Vice President
Scott Messer
Vice President
Paul Rohwer, Director
Paul Rohwer
Justin Chandler, Product & Operations
Justin Chandler
Product & Operations
Cathy Flanagan, Content
Cathy Flanagan
Jacob Lauing, Editor
Jacob Lauing
Cindy Yan, Marketing
Cindy Yan
Matthew Theisen, Data Scientist
Matthew Theisen
Data Scientist
Sumanik Singh, Data Scientist
Sumanik Singh
Data Scientist
Jesse Harold, Engineer
Jesse Harold
Kalyn Beach, Engineer
Kalyn Beach
Tam Nguyen, Engineer
Tam Nguyen
Nhu Trinh, Engineer
Nhu Trinh
Woaria Rashid, Editorial Assistant
Woaria Rashid
Editorial Assistant
Kylie Ora Lobell, Editor
Kylie Ora Lobell

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