Hole punches are used by many different businesses or even in the home office. Some documents, such as legal briefs, require two holes punched at the top of documents. School children need three evenly spaced holes on the left side of their page so that they can place the pages in their notebooks. A hole punch that has adjustable punches is the perfect tool for the job. Adjusting the punches takes only seconds, and is easier than purchasing multiple hole punches.

Decide where you need your holes to go on your paper.

Take the punches out of the hole puncher. Be sure to remove all of them.

Look at the measurements on the hole punch and decide where you need to place the punches to align with your needs.

Place the punches in the appropriate holes. If you only want two holes, such as for a legal document, only put two punches back in the hole punch.

Place your paper in the hole punch and press the lever, as normal.


If you aren't sure if the punches are in the correct place, test out the hole punch on a scrap piece of paper.