A properly folded sheet of legal paper can make all the difference in the presentation of your document to the recipient. Legal paper is slightly longer than standard copy paper, and it can be confusing to fold when you have not done it before. Whether you are sending a letter to a loved one, or you are sending an important document to a company or employer you will need to know how to fold it properly.

Things You Will Need
  • Legal paper

  • 10 envelope

Lay your document or sheet of legal paper on a flat surface and place the #10 envelope across it horizontally. Line-up the bottom of the envelope with the bottom of the page.

Grab the two bottom corners of both the envelope and the paper and pull them upward toward the middle area of the page. Crease the page once the bottom of the paper is only folded up enough to cover the envelope.

Remove the envelope and pull the top corners of the page downward and crease the fold where the bottom edge of the page (that you folded upward) rests.

Slide the document into your envelope. It should fit perfectly.