Flyers can be an important mode of advertising business products or communicating upcoming events or services via the mail. It’s simple to tack a flyer sheet to a bulletin board, but flyers sent through the mail must be properly prepared in accordance with U.S. Postal Service regulations. Designing your flyer as a self-mailer--that is, not inserted into an envelope--means that you must seal it securely to ensure that it does not unfold while in transit.

Things You Will Need
  • Flyer with one blank panel

  • 3/4-inch to 2-inch circular adhesive label

Fold the flyer in half, making sure that the information you are announcing in the flyer is on the inside and that at least one panel of the outside flyer is blank when it is folded.

Affix 1/2 of the desired size circular adhesive label to the center of the open edge, folding the label over the edge so that it secures the two edges of the paper together.

Press the seal to ensure that the label is secured and that the sheet is completely closed.


If you do not have circular adhesive labels, you may use a small piece of clear tape.

Designing a flyer as a self-mailer is the most cost-effective way to mail a flyer.

Make sure you leave proper clean space for bar codes, mailing address, return address and postage.


Do not use staples, clips or glue to secure the flyer's edges together. Staples can slow down sorting and delivery, and the mail piece can become nonautomated and cost more to process. Glue can loosen and enable your mailer to open. Make sure the proper postage is affixed to the upper right corner of your blank panel, or it will be returned to you.