Corrugated cardboard boxes are paper boxes lined with furrowed carboard that creates a sturdy, padded structure for a package or object that you need to ship. You can write, stamp, paint and place stickers on the outside of corrugated boxes. If you are shipping a corrugated box, you can place stamps on the outside of the box as long as the mailing address on one side is visible.

Open your ink pad.

Pick up your stamp. When stamping a corrugated box for shipping, there are several appropriate stamps. Some examples include the following: “HANDLE WITH CARE,” “FRAGILE,” “BREAKABLE” and “PLEASE DO NOT DROP.”

Press your stamp into the ink pad. Press firmly several times to make sure that the letters on the stamp are thoroughly covered in ink. Roll the stamp from side to side on the ink pad.

Press the stamp straight down onto the corrugated box. Press firmly and hold for about five seconds. Lift the stamp straight up to avoid smudging.

Press your stamp into the ink pad three times again. Because cardboard is often brown, you will want to make sure that you re-ink your stamp every time you press it into the box to better ensure that it is easily visible.