The cost of upgrading your iPod can be offset by selling your old one, and you can often maximize your profit by listing it on a high-traffic site like eBay or Craigslist. Once you've found a buyer and have received your money, complete the sale by shipping your sold device as quickly as possible. Since small electronics are easily damaged during shipping, following a few practical packaging and shipping tips can help ensure that your old device makes it safely to its new home.


Proper protection within the box is essential, and the best choice, if it's available, is to nestle the iPod in its original box and safety shell insert. If you no longer have the original box, protect against damage by wrapping the iPod well in bubble wrap or cushioned mailing material. Choose an outer box with enough room for the packing material. The U.S. Postal Service indicates that the Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Boxes are especially appropriate for small electronics. This option gives you a sturdy self-sealing box and the ease of a flat shipping rate. Once packed, shake lightly to ensure there's enough padding surrounding the iPod inside.


Tape your box shut using appropriate shipping tape. Do not use craft or common transparent tape, cord, string or twine. They inadequately seal against heavy jostling and get caught in processing equipment. The U.S. Postal Service will refuse any packages closed this way.


Be sure the addresses, both return and recipient, are printed clearly in dark letters. If you're using an address label, affix it so it's completely flush against the package with its own adhesive or additional tape. Apply postage to the top right of the address and ensure it's also flush to the box. Don't tape over the postage or any scan codes as this interferes with processing equipment. Printing or stamping the word "Fragile" in an appropriately visible location might help guard against damage during final delivery.


Deliver the package straight to the post office, mail carrier or shipping store to avoid exposure to the elements in a mailbox or dropbox. Request a receipt for proof of shipping, and if you are given tracking information, share it with the buyer. Be sure to also track it yourself so you know it's reached its intended destination.