You can print plastic labels on an inkjet or laser printer in seconds. Thin self-adhesive plastic label sheets are available for use in home or offices printers. Once the custom plastic label is printed, it can be easily applied to almost any flat surface. Print plastic labels for a product you are selling or to organize a collection of items. With a computer and a sheet of blank labels, you can personalize labels for just about anything.

Things You Will Need
  • Image manipulation software (optional)

  • Glossy permanent multipurpose label paper

  • Inkjet or laser printer

Prepare and size the image and text for the label using image manipulation software or the software included with the label paper. Many specialty paper and plastic label manufacturers offer software in the packaging or on their websites that allows you to properly lay out the image positioning for the specific labels.

Load a small stack of the label sheets into the printer with a single sheet of blank white printer paper on top.

Customize the print settings to print with the best possible quality. These settings are often in a print menu that only comes up when you attempt to send the job to the printer from the imaging software.

Test the position of the label information by printing one set of labels onto the sheet of blank paper so it can be examined closely. Align the edges of the printed page with the sheet of plastic labels and hold them up to a light to see if the images are lining up correctly. Make adjustments and retest until you are satisfied with the print alignment.

Print the fully aligned information on the sheets of glossy permanent multipurpose labels paper. Allow the printed plastic labels to cool or dry according to the manufacturer's instructions to avoid smearing the image. Peel the printed labels away from the page carefully and press the adhesive side onto a smooth flat surface.


Press the adhesive side of the printed label onto the adhesive side of a strip of packaging tape to make a more sturdy non-adhesive label.