How to Package and Ship Candy

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The packaging you prepare for your candy will depend on the type you are shipping. Some candies can quickly decompose in adverse conditions, so they require special containers and shipping supplies to maintain their structure and freshness. Others, like hard candy, can last longer and may require little more than basic packing supplies. Keep the nature of the candy in mind as you prepare to ship.

Shipping Soft Candy

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Some candies, like chocolate and caramel, can melt when shipping in hot weather. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that they arrive cold or at room temperature and suggests a packing method for perishable products that could also protect these candies. Place a cold source, like dry ice or frozen gel packs, inside an insulated container and place the corrugated box containing the candy on top. Cover the container with its lid, insert it into a thick polyethylene film and secure it. Address the package to the recipient. If you use dry ice, write "Contains Dry Ice" on the box. The FDA also recommends shipping food items overnight so they arrive at a temperature at which they are safe to eat.

Considerations for Shipping

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Some customers may want alternative shipping options for fragile candy besides the special packaging. Consider offering overnight or one-day shipping. Both options allow the product to arrive in perfect or near-perfect condition. Some shippers do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday, and fragile candy will decompose if kept in a hot truck over the weekend. To avoid this possibility, plan to ship the candy early in the week and ensure it will arrive no later than Friday.


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