Candle-making offers you opportunities to create a wide range of signature colors, textures and fragrances. Making candles with perfume is a project for even beginner candle-crafters and is possible as long as the perfume is an oil-based formula. Present your perfumed creations as gifts or use your homemade fragrant candles to decorate your home and create an atmosphere with pleasing scents.

Add 1 cup melt-and-pour candle wax to a 2 qt. glass mixing bowl. Melt and pour varieties include beeswax, ecosoya wax and soy wax.

Microwave the bowl on high until the wax melts into a thin, clear liquid -- from two to four minutes.

Pour the melted wax into an 8 oz. candle jar.

Stir in 1 oz. of perfume oil immediately, before the wax begins to cool. Choose craft-grade perfume oil, or use your own personal perfume oil fragrance or attar perfume.

Drop the anchored wick into the center of the fragrant, melted wax. Let the anchor settle to the bottom of the jar. Bend the excess wick over the outside of the jar to keep it from shifting out of place or falling into the wax.

Place the candle in a cool, dry place for six hours. This gives it time to cool and harden. Snip off the excess wick until only 1 inch remains above the wax.

Things You Will Need
  • 1 cup melt-and-pour candle wax

  • 2 qt. glass mixing bowl

  • 1 oz. perfume oil

  • 8 oz. candle jar

  • 10-inch, anchored wick

  • Scissors