How to Use Shrink Wrap Bags With a Hair Dryer

by Jayme Lee; Updated September 26, 2017
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Shrink-wrap packaging provides businesses and individuals with a quick and easy solution to seal goods without having to buy costly equipment. Shrink-wrap bags are used to package candies, DVDs, CDs and other products. A sealer is a small machine that seals the shrink-wrap bags, while a household hair dryer shrivels the bag around an item or items by heat. By using shrink wrapping, you can wrap items of your choice for preservation or protection.

Items you will need

  • Shrink-wrapping sealer or small machine
  • Shrink-wrap bags
  • Hair dryer
  • Item(s) to be wrapped


Step 1

Buy a hand-held or other small sealer by choosing your preference for seal length and bag thickness. Shrink-wrap machines come in different lengths and handle certain seal widths. Longer sealers with a higher wattage can seal larger and thicker bags, whereas smaller machines can handle only thinner and smaller bags.

Step 2

Choose and buy appropriate shrink-wrapping bags according to the instructions that come with your sealer. Look for specifications for bag sizes and thickness before you purchase the bags.

Step 3

Read the directions for the sealer. Adjust the setting for the temperature according to the bag thickness . Plug in the sealer and wait a few minutes for it to heat up.

Step 4

Place the item or items in a shrink-wrap bag. Gently shake the bag so the item(s) slides to one of the bottom corners.

Step 5

Carefully place the opening part of the shrink-wrap bag between the lever and heating element on the sealer. Leave an excess of a few inches above the item(s). Press down the level for a few seconds to seal the bag shut. Remove immediately and discard the melted excess.

Step 6

Turn on the hair dryer while holding the bag. Swiftly wave the dryer over the shrink-wrap bag. Heat from the hair dryer will begin to shrivel the bag around the item(s). Stop when you are satisfied with the results.


  • Work on a large table or counter for ease and safety.


  • Use extreme caution when working with the sealer and the hair dryer. The sealer reaches very temperatures that can severely burn you. Hot plastic can also cause scarring burns. Be cautious when you handle the plastics.

    Do not keep the hair dryer on one spot of a shrink-wrap bag for more than a second. Keeping heat on a particular place will melt a hole in the bag, and you will have to remove the item(s) and start all over again.

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