Garvey Products, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of retail supplies including label makers and pricing guns. These supplies are used in grocery stores and retail outlets around the world to make printing and applying price labels fast and easy. Garvey pricing guns do, however, require routine replenishment of both labels and ink. Follow these instructions to remove spent ink cartridges and install fresh ink cartridges and label rolls.

Things You Will Need
  • Garvey pricing gun

  • Roll of price labels sized for your gun

  • Garvey replacement ink cartridge sized for your gun

Look at the side of the pricing gun with the trigger. On the plastic body, you will see the outline of a hatch. On each side of this hatch, you will see a black button with an arrow on it. Pull both plastic buttons at the same time in the direction of the arrows to open the hatch.

Pull the hatch the rest of the way open. Drop in the roll of labels so that the loose end can be pulled toward the open side of the hatch. Pull out the roll until about 10 labels are all the way out of the compartment, then close the hatch until it latches.

Slip the loose end of the label roll through the plastic brackets on the back of the pricing gun. These brackets keep the roll from getting twisted or tangled during spooling. Feed the loose end into the slot on the back of the gun with the arrow pointing to it.

Pull the trigger several times until the labels pull through and automatically align themselves. Tear off loose labels spent in the alignment process.

Squeeze and hold the trigger. With the trigger held down, look at the top of the pricing gun. You should see a plastic frame holding a roll-shaped ink cartridge in place. The sides of the frame should have little plastic ridges on it, as you would see on a plastic poker chip. Grasp the frame on the ridged areas and pull it completely out of the unit. Release the trigger and set the gun down.

Hold the frame over a trash can. Grasp the frame by the ridged areas and pull the two sides apart gently. The ink cartridge has two short plastic pins coming out of each end, which hold it in place between the two sides of the frame. Pulling the frame apart will cause the old cartridge to drop out of it into the trash.

Unwrap the fresh ink cartridge and install it by gently pulling the sides of the frame apart and slipping the plastic pins on the cartridge through the corresponding holes on the frame.

Squeeze and hold the trigger on the gun. With your other hand, hold the frame by the end with the cartridge and slide the other end into the opening on the top of the gun. Because the frame isn't perfectly straight, you will have to start to push it in at an angle, then press the loose end down as you work it the rest of the way into the plastic body. It will click when it snaps into place.


Make sure that your labels and ink cartridges are compatible with your Garvey model before unwrapping them. Unpackaged ink cartridges will dry out over time.


Even a spent ink cartridge is able to get ink on anything it touches. Be careful not to drop it, and try not to touch it with your bare hands.