The Dymo Label Buddy is an affordable, battery-operated personal labeling machine. Creating easy-to-read labels will help you organize your home and office quickly, not just for your own ease of use, but for anyone else who needs to come in and find things. Reloading your Dymo Label Buddy is a simple process.

Pinch the tape that is poking out of the tape feed slot of your replacement cartridge, and pull it out an inch further.

Hold your Label Buddy so the back is facing you. You will see the cartridge cover extending off the back, perpendicular to the body of the machine. Just below where the cartridge cover meets the back (right above the start of the handle), you will see a small tab. Push this in and up to open the hinged cartridge over.

Pull the old cartridge out.

Insert the new cartridge. Make sure that the tape-feed side is facing down into the machine (towards the face), with the tape exiting the cartridge and feeding through the tape slot at the bottom. Close the cartridge cover and press it down until you hear the tab click into the locked position.

Turn the Label Buddy over so that it is facing up. Hold the handle with both hands, making sure that both of your thumbs are on the top of the handle. Press on the handle twice to feed the tape through the machine. If the tape feeds, your Label Buddy is ready to use. If the tape does not feed when you press down on the handle, your cartridge is most likely not loaded with the tape-feed side facing down.


Always store your embossing label tapes in a cool and dry place. Heat and/or direct sunlight can cause the tape to break down so that it will not print or stick.