How to Load a DYMO LetraTag

by Christina Martinez ; Updated September 26, 2017
The DYMO LetraTag label makers can help you get organized.

DYMO sells label making products that can be used at home or at the office. With label cassettes, consumers have the option of using different colors, widths and styles of labels to suit their needs. The DYMO LetraTag comes in two versions: a compact model for basic needs and a larger, more detailed version with a QWERTY keyboard. Each style comes with a readable LCD screen, and are battery powered or can be plugged into a wall. Insert a different cassette into your LetraTag whenever you need to.


Push down on the label cassette cover located at the top of the machine where the words "DYMO" are. Release it so the cover flips open. If there is a cardboard piece in the exit slot, which is the area next to the cutter, remove it before opening the cassette cover.

Put the replacement cassette into the open area of the machine. It will fit like a puzzle piece between the pinch roller and print head. Push the cassette firmly, but don't force it.

Press until you hear a "click" sound to know that the cassette has been properly placed into the machine.

Close the label cassette cover.

LetraTag 100-T

Flip your label maker over so you have access to the bottom of the machine.

Pull open the label cassette cover, which is a large section that takes up about half of the underside of the label maker, and has a small circle cut out of the plastic. If there is a cardboard piece in the exit slot, which is on the back of the machine, remove it before opening the label cassette cover.

Press the label cassette into the open area of the label maker. It will fit like a puzzle piece, so press firmly but try not to force it.

Press until you hear a clicking sound to know that it is in place.

Close the label cassette cover and look through the small circle. You should be able to read what label cassette you have just inserted.

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