The Canon PalmPrinter P1-DHV calculator is a hand-held device that allows you to work on the move. The calculator has a printing function that can come in handy when you need to show your work. When needed, filling paper in the Canon PalmPrinter takes about two minutes and is a fairly simple task.

Turn off the calculator. Slide the printer cover off of the device. Put pressure on the cover at the top of the device, pushing off the cover.

Lift the arm up and away from the printer. The printer paper roll sits on this arm.

Slide the printer paper onto the arm with the paper coming out of the bottom and not over the top. Make sure that the printer paper sits so the bent end of arm is exposed.

Feed the printer paper into the device into the slit underneath the arm. Feed the paper between the black and silver parts in the printer.

Turn on the device. Press the "FEED" button on the printer so the paper continues to be fed through the device.

Put the end of the paper that has been through the device into the cover printer as you slide the cover back on the calculator. Hit the "FEED" button again to make sure the paper is feeding through the device correctly.