How to Load a Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler

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Swingline heavy duty staplers provide the power to staple up to 120 pages of 20-lb. paper easily and consistently. The all-metal construction of these staplers makes them an indispensible office tool. However, the way to load staples into a Swingline heavy duty stapler differs from the method for loading most other manual staplers and can cause a little confusion.

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Remove the follow block at the back of the stapler by pushing the mechanism in, lifting the block up over the holding hooks and sliding it out from the stapler. The follow block is the spring-loaded mechanism that holds the staples in place within the stapler.

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Load the heavy-duty staples into the staple tray.

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Replace the follow block by inserting it back into the stapler and locking it into place over the holding hooks.



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