The Optima Desk and Optima Grip staplers by Swingline are comfortable and easy to use, and designed to be jam-free. In fact, the Optima line of staplers is guaranteed not to jam, when used according to the manufacturer's directions. Unfortunately, using the wrong size or style of staples, overfilling the machine and stapling through too-thick materials can still cause an Optima to jam. You can quickly remove jammed staples from Swingline's Optima Desk or Optima Grip staplers and get back to your task.

Hold the base down as you lift the top of the Optima stapler to access the staple tray.

Remove all the staples from the tray so that you have access to the jammed staple.

Turn the stapler upside down and shake it to clear out staples you can't reach with your fingers.

Grip the jammed staple with the needle-nose pliers and, while holding the stapler securely, pull it up.

Twist the staple until it breaks into two pieces if it will not pull straight out. Pull out the two individual pieces.

Contact Swingline Customer Support for a replacement at 800-820-6220 if you are unable to quickly clear the jam. The Optima series is only guaranteed not to jam when used according to the manufacturers instructions, which includes only using Optima premium jam-free staples.


The Optima stapler line by Swingline is designed to be jam-free when Optima premium jam-free staples are used. Using another size, style or brand may cause frequent jamming and void the guarantee.