Anyone who has worked in a school has probably come in contact with a laminating machine. These handy devices allow you to protect paper and poster board, by creating a plastic film around the document, using heat. The combination of plastic and heat can sometimes create a sticky mess on the rollers of the machine. All is not lost, however, as the plastic can be removed from the rollers. It is a time consuming process that requires a bit of patience. When the machine is once again operational, be sure that all who use it in the future are trained properly, to prevent future mishaps.

Things You Will Need
  • Scissors

  • Non-abrasive scouring pad

  • Laminating film

Cut off the unlaminated film at a point just before it reaches the rollers. This will prevent any additional film from getting wrapped around the rollers.

Turn the heat on to heat the film that is wrapped around the rollers. It will be easier to remove when it is hot. Use extreme caution when handling the film and the hot rollers, to prevent burns.

Peel off as much of the laminating film as possible from the rollers. Then turn off the machine.

Scrub the rollers with a kitchen scouring pad, while the rollers are still warm to the touch. Rub the rollers carefully until the residue is removed.

Turn the rollers using the motor for better access to all areas of the rollers. The silicone rollers must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent additional film from getting stuck.

Load the film according to manufacturer’s instructions, once the rollers are clean.


Train teachers and volunteers in the proper use of the laminator, to prevent mishaps.


Do not use sharp implements, such as scissors, knives or razor blades, to scrape the film from the rollers as that will damage the rollers. Replacement of rollers is expensive.