The Staples One-Touch Stapler boasts exceptional stapling power and is capable of stapling up to 30, and sometimes 60, pages at a time depending on the model. The push-button action ensures the quick and easy loading of staples; however, it loads differently than a conventional stapler. Essentially, you don't load staples into a slide-out staple compartment. You load them into the body of the stapler.

Open the Stapler

Turn the stapler upside down. Open the base away from the body so the base and the body of the stapler are in a straight line; you should be able to open up the stapler a full 180 degrees. Identify the tab at the end of the magazine pusher located near the hinge – in most models, the tab is black. Pull the tab and slide out the magazine. This will expose the compartment where the staples are stored. If you are loading the stapler for the first time, you may need to remove a small piece of tape covering the front of the staple magazine.

Load the Staples

In a conventional stapler, you would load the staples into the top of the silver slider you have just pulled out. That does not work in a one-touch stapler! Instead, place a full strip of staples into the magazine channel you have just exposed. The One-Touch takes standard quarter-inch staples. Do not use staples that are too big or too small as this can jam the stapler. Drop the staples, upside down, into the chamber. The points of the staples will be facing up.

Close and Test the Stapler

Push the tab of the magazine pusher until it clicks back into place. Close the top of the stapler. If you've loaded the staples correctly, you should be done. Test by inserting several sheets of paper and stapling as usual. You'll hear the usual click when the pages are bound.


When a Staples One-Touch Stapler jams, it's usually because you have tried to insert the staples into the pull-out metal slider instead of into the body of the stapler. Turn the stapler upside down, tip out the staples and try again. If a staple is stuck in the stapler head, use a pair of tweezers to tease it out. Use a full line of standard quarter-inch staples and be sure to load them upside down. If you are still having problems, telephone the Staples customer service team on 800-333-3330. With the Staples brand 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, if you're not happy the One-Touch Stapler, you can return or replace it for any reason.