Mistakes happen. In a professional environment, that misplaced word or typo can cause a temporary crisis. Fortunately, the Wite-Out series of products are here to help. Originally created in the late 1960s to correct on photostatic paper, Wite-Out fluid has evolved to be a multi-use product available in three different dispensing formats. Take a moment to decide which product is right for you, and use it to cover those unsightly errors and replace them with perfection.

Things You Will Need
  • Wite-out correction fluid

  • Wite-out correction pen

  • Wite-out correction tape

Shake a bottle of Wite-Out correction fluid. Unscrew the cap, and remove it and the foam brush inside. Slide the brush against the side of the bottle opening as you pull it out to ease off any excess fluid. Brush the fluid over the mistake until you can no longer see it. Place the brush back into the bottle, and tightly screw on the cap. Allow the fluid on the mistake to dry. Replace the text that was covered with the correct information.

Shake a Wite-Out correction pen to ensure the fluid is flowing inside the device. Remove the cap. Place the pen tip on your mistake and press down, compressing the pen barrel. Move the device as you would a normal pen, completely covering the mistake area with correction fluid. Replace the pen's cap. Allow the fluid on the mistake to dry completely. Write the correct information on top of the dried fluid.

Place the nose of a Wite-Out correction tape dispenser at the left-most side of the error. Press down on the nose and move the dispenser from the left to the right to release the tape that will cover the mistake. Lift the dispenser up when you have covered the mistake. The tape will break off. Run your finger over the tape on the page to ensure that it is flat and adheres well. Write the corrected information on top of the tape.