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When you're trying to write something down quickly, such as a phone number or address, nothing is more frustrating than when the ink in your ink pen refuses to flow. Sometimes your pen may just be low on ink, but other times, an ink clog is preventing the ink from flowing. This always seems to happen when you have no other pen. But there are a few simple steps you can take to get the ink flowing once again.

Tap or shake the ink pen to loosen up the ink. If just a small amount of ink has dried up and is preventing the ink from flowing, a light tap or slight shake might be enough to loosen it up. You could also try scribbling on a sheet of paper. This motion can also help loosen up a slight ink clog.

Warm up the tip of your ink pen with a lighter. This can help melt dried ink that's preventing the ink from flowing. Be aware that the dried up ink in the tip might make a bit of a mess when it melts. The first time you write with the pen after using this method, make sure you're writing on a sheet of paper that can be thrown away.

Clean your ink pen. Cleaning the pen will help get rid of any clogging that has occurred due to lack of use. This is a common problem with pens that are left in a desk drawer or glove compartment for weeks at a time between uses. Flush the ink pen with water to clean it or soak the parts of the ink pen that do not come in direct contact with ink if flushing doesn't work.

Use a razor blade to clean out the tip of the ink pen. Sometimes a pen becomes too clogged to clean out with water. For dried ink that's really stuck, the tip of a razor blade, or sometimes a pin, can do the trick.


  • Use caution when using a razor blade, pin or lighter.


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