How to Re-Ink a Stamp-Ever Stamp

by Deborah Jones; Updated September 26, 2017

Stamp-Ever stamps are general office stamps that are available both as pre-inked stamps and as self-inking stamps. With use, and over time, the ink in such stamps will fade and need replacing. Ink for Stamp-Ever stamps is available in five colors: green, blue, violet, black and red.

Step 1

Hold your Stamp-Ever stamp upside down and apply a couple of drops of re-inking fluid to the text.

Step 2

Place the inked stamp upside down in the box that contained the bottle of re-inking fluid to hold it steady. Allow the stamp to sit overnight to allow the ink to seep into the stamp.

Step 3

Blot the stamp on waste paper to remove any remaining excess ink.Use the re-inked stamp as normal.


  • Re-ink stamps sparingly to avoid flooding the stamp.

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