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Pre-inked and self-inking stamps are incredibly convenient – until you run out of ink. With use and over time, the ink in these stamps needs replacing. Instead of tossing the empty stamp into the trash and ordering a new one, re-ink the stamp and get more life out of it.

About Stamp-Ever Stamps

Stamp-Ever stamps are general office stamps manufactured by U.S. Stamp & Sign. They are available as pre-inked stamps. These stamps come with standard impressions that include “Past Due,” “Faxed,” “Confidential,” “For Deposit Only” and “Void.” Stamp-Ever stamps can also be customized with up to 15 lines to meet your needs. You should be able to use your stamp thousands of times before needing to re-ink.

Re-Inking a Stamp-Ever Stamp

Re-inking a Stamp-Ever Stamp is a straightforward process. To re-ink, hold the Stamp-Ever stamp upside down and apply a couple of drops of refill ink to the raised text on the stamp. Don’t pour the entire bottle of fluid onto the stamp. Use it sparingly. The ink comes in a plastic squeeze bottle to make application easier.

Place the inked stamp upside down in the box that contained the bottle of re-inking fluid to hold it steady. Allow the stamp to sit upside down overnight so that the ink seeps into the stamp. Blot the stamp on paper the next morning to remove any remaining excess ink. Use the re-inked stamp as normal.

Follow this process anytime you need to re-ink your Stamp-Ever stamp. Regularly re-inking and maintaining your stamp should extend its life.

An alternative to using the ink refill is to use a regular stamp pad. You can dab your stamp on the stamp pad and then stamp it where needed. This method is not as convenient, but it works while you wait for your refill ink order to arrive.

Purchasing Ink for Stamp-Ever Stamp

Refill ink for Stamp-Ever stamps can be purchased online at the manufacturer’s website or at websites such as Amazon and Office Depot. Ink for Stamp-Ever stamps is available in five colors: green, blue, violet, black and red.

Re-inking fluid comes in 7-milliliter containers. You can also purchase it as a set of 15-milliliter bottles of red and black ink.

Depending on how often you use your stamp, you may want to purchase a few containers so that you have them handy in case you run out again. It’s best to purchase the Stamp-Ever brand of refill ink to ensure it works properly with your stamp.