How to Open an Envelope & Reseal It

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There are several things you must include when sending mail in an envelope. Many bill payments require your signature, account number, a check and a pay stub. If you seal an envelope and later realize you left something out, you don’t need to tear the envelope open and waste it. Instead, you can save paper and money by steaming the envelope open.

Pour water into your tea kettle.

Set your tea kettle on your stove, over high heat.

Wait for steam to emerge from the tea kettle's spout.


Hold the envelope a few inches away from the spout with your tongs, with the sealed side toward the steam. Move the envelope back and forth so that steam flows all along the seal.


Take your envelope away from the steam when it starts to get moist. It is now ready to open.


Turn off your burner.

Run your knife under the seal, slowly and carefully.


Wait for the envelope to dry completely before attempting to reseal it. Lick the glue to reseal, or use a glue stick.



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