Ideal creates a line of self-inking rubber stamps that make life easier for anyone who has to write the same information many times a day. Rubber stamps are often used for business information, like addresses or bank account numbers, but decorative stamps are also used in crafts and hobbies. After approximately 1,000 impressions, the ink in the Ideal stamp will begin to run out and you will have to add ink to keep using the stamp.

Press on the stamp so it moves down about half an inch. When the bottom of the stamp cover is aligned with the lock line on the side or back of the stamp, move the red button on the side forward to lock that position.

Pull out on the ink pad cartridge in the middle of the stamp. There will be a small indentation at the bottom of the cartridge where you can get your finger under and pull it out. Pull until it clicks into position.

Fill both ink ports, located on either end of the ink pad cartridge, with 10 drops of ink. Push in on the cartridge to close it and push the red button back to release the top of the stamp. Wait 15 minutes before using the stamp.


Use Ideal stamp ink, as it is formulated for rubber stamp use.