How to Use Offistamp Self Ink

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Self-inking stamps such as Offistamp make it much quicker and easier to mark items as received, paid or countless other categories. Because the ink is contained in the device, a self-inking stamp does not require you to coat the surface with ink or touch the stamp to an ink pad before each use.

Remove the cover on the bottom of the stamp to reveal the rubber stamp.

Determine the appropriate direction of the stamp before putting it on the paper it will be used on.


Place the stamp on the paper and push down on the top to make contact between the rubber stamp and the surface. This will leave the imprint of the ink on the paper.


Replace the cover on the bottom of the stamp to ensure the ink is not exposed to the air, which will cause it to dry out.



  • To replenish the ink in the Offistamp, place a couple of drops of ink on the ink pad, which is typically located under the Offistamp logo.


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