Pricing guns are used around the world to mark retail stock in grocery and retail stores. These small pricing labels can show the price and a sell-by date for merchandise. Regular uses of pricing guns requires a refill of the pricing labels. Reloading a pricing gun with labels is a quick operation.

Hold the handle of the pricing gun with the sticker dispenser pointed away from you. Pull the lever tabs on both sides of the upper cover and pull them toward you. Remove the open cover until you hear it click.

Remove about 10 labels off the new roll. Place the roll in the rounded back section of the label gun. There are two mounts that go into the hole of the tape roll. The mounts act as an axle to keep the tape in place.

Thread the tape over the track in the upper part of the pricing gun. Make sure the labels are facing upward. Pull the tape through the intake rollers until it reaches the opening of the sticker dispenser. Close the upper door until it snaps shut. Pull the trigger a few times to make sure the label sticker is dispensing out correctly.


Be sure to buy the correct labels for your model of pricing gun.