Pricing guns let you mark retail stock prices quickly. Notes can be clearly printed on small labels, including a sell by date or a discount deal, such as 2 for $1. The labels will run out long before the stock does, and then it'll be time to load the pricing gun with a fresh roll.

Hold the label gun by the handle with the sticker dispenser pointed away from you. Grab the lever tabs on both sides of the upper cover and pull them toward you. Swing the top open toward the back of the gun.

Remove about nine of the label stickers from a new roll, creating a 5-inch tape lead to thread into the label gun pulley.

Tuck the roll into the rounded back section with the tape rolling off the top. There are two mounts that fit into the hole on the tape roll and act as an axle. Stuff the roll through the mounts until they catch in the center hole.

Pull the tape over the track in the upper part of the gun, and pull the leader off the track so it extends past the point of the gun. Close the upper door over and snap it shut.

Thread the leader through the intake rollers; there should be a pair of arrows pointing to them. Pull the trigger and hold it while threading the end of the leader between the rollers. Push the tape in as far as it will go, then release the trigger and click it a few times to test.