How to Clean White Boards With Windex

by Victor Medina ; Updated September 26, 2017
White board

A white board, or dry erase board, can be used for years if properly maintained. Writing left on a board can seep in and stain, so regular cleaning is important. Manufacturers offer their own cleaning products, but Windex is approved as safe and effective for cleaning white boards.

A white board that is used daily must be cleaned every other day. Cleaning once a week is suitable for boards with less use.

According to SC Johnson Brands, the cleaning solution in all Windex products is safe for use on white boards, and is equal to most white board cleaning liquids.

Spray Windex on a clean, lint-free cloth---a microfiber cloth is preferable. Dry erase markers use ink that leaves a powdery residue; microfiber cloths capture the powder-like particles to ensure the white board retains its luster.

Wipe the board using large, circular motions to help the cloth catch the dry marker residue. Do not wipe using straight, edge to edge motions, as this will push dry marker residue to the edges, making cleaning more difficult.

Wipe clean and dry, removing all Windex residue---the built-up alcohol in the Windex solution makes it difficult to write or becomes abrasive and scratches the board.


  • Use newspaper to remove Windex residue.

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