Cleanliness and sanitation are important for bakeries, as food items cannot come into contact with dirt and other contaminants. Bakers cannot afford to become lax about cleaning policies if they do not want their customers to get sick or the Board of Health to shut them down. They must clean their bakeries on a daily basis, although larger items such as walk-in freezers only need to be fully cleaned once a week.

Daily Tasks

Empty trash containers into outside dumpsters. Break down and recycle supply boxes.

Wash pans and trays. Fill first compartment of sink with hot water and liquid detergent. Immerse trays and pans in sink and scrub. Transfer pans and trays to second compartment and rinse with warm water. Move trays and pans to third compartment and spray with sanitizer.

Spray degreaser on oven exterior and interior as well as counter tops. Let sit for ten minutes and scrub to remove grease.

Pick up trash on floor and throw away. Sweep and mop floor.

Spray all surfaces that come into contact with food with sanitizer.

Weekly Tasks

Remove hood filters. Immerse in degreaser solution and scrub. Allow to dry before replacing.

Remove all products from storage shelves. Wash shelves using mixture of hot water and liquid detergent. Rinse with clean damp cloth. Spray sanitizer and let dry before putting products back on shelves.

Scrape walk-in freezers with metal scraper. Sweep inside of freezers. Remove metal shelves from freezers and wash them in sink. Scrub inside of freezers before replacing shelves.

Put sheet pan at bottom of racks to catch glaze and crumbs. Pressure wash racks. Scrape crumbs and glaze off sheet pan into outside dumpster.

Wash pan washers and other machines using liquid detergent and a sponge.

Things You Will Need
  • Liquid detergent

  • Sanitizer

  • Pressure washer


Wipe down mixers and other items used for baking after each use to minimize cleaning time.