Restaurant freezers are typically commercial-grade refrigerating equipment weighing in well more than a ton in many cases, if fully stocked. From time to time, restaurant owners, managers and chefs must move equipment for health code inspections, cleaning and replacement. Trying to move one of these freezers can be an arduous task as the equipment is not only heavy but also sensitive. Moving a freezer on your own may not be possible, but with the help of casters -- wheels attached at the freezer bottoms -- there is a way make the job much easier.

Things You Will Need
  • Plywood sheets, 1/2-inch thick

  • Moving straps

Remove all contents and removable parts.

Find the locking mechanism on each wheel or caster.

Unlatch or open the locking mechanism. Most will make a clicking sound when in proper position.

Lay a sheet of plywood across the surface area to protect the floor, unless it's concrete.

Secure the moving straps around the body of the freezer to secure the doors.

Pull the freezer in the direction you want it to go, keeping it upright. Roll the freezer across the plywood. The wheels will allow the freezer to move across the floor.

Re-lock the latch or locking mechanism once you have the freezer in place.


Place plywood to protect your flooring from impressions made by the casters due to the freezer's weight; plastics and cardboard are bad alternatives for plywood. Seek the help of an assistant or two when moving large freezers. Use a back brace to prevent strain from pushing or puling the freezer. Use an oil lubricant to loosen wheel joints if the freezer does not roll easily.