Clipboards provide a convenient way to carry small stacks of paperwork, as well as a portable writing surface. Businesses that use clipboards typically have several extras on hand. But storing them can sometimes be a problem, because a stack of clipboards arranged improperly will rest at an angle and eventually avalanche. Take the time to properly stack and store your clipboards and you will eliminate this problem.

Measure the clipboards. If they are all the same size, you have only to measure one. If they are different sizes, sort them into groups according to size, then take a measurement for each group.

Locate a storage space, such as an office supply closet. Anywhere with drawers or shelves works fine. Measure the area to make sure the clipboards will fit without excessive overhang.

Lay the first clipboard on the shelf flat side down, with the clip facing up.

Lay the next clipboard on top of the first. Flip the second clipboard so that the clip is at the opposite end of the clip from the first clipboard. Also turn it over, so that the clip is facing down and the flat, back side is facing up. The two clipboards will fit together to create a level platform for stacking.

Place the next clipboard on top of the stack as you did the first one. Continue alternating and stacking clipboards until they are all on the storage shelf.


If you have large numbers of clipboards to store, consider packing them in cardboard boxes or plastic storage bins, which can easily be stored in the bottom of a closet.