Standard staplers are great for day-to-day use, but sometimes larger projects require a heavy-duty stapler. These staplers are specifically designed to staple more sheets of paper at a time than standard staplers. Some heavy-duty staplers can handle more than 100 pages. These staplers typically require heavy-duty staples, which are longer and sturdier than standard staples. Heavy-duty staplers and staples can be found at most stores that sell standard staplers.

Buy a heavy-duty stapler and staples from an office supply store. The packaging on the stapler and staples should specifically "heavy-duty."

Load the heavy-duty stapler with the staples.

Use the sturdy tabletop to line-up the edges of the stack of paper so they are even.

Place the large stack of paper in the stapler so the stapler head is over the spot where you want the papers attached.

Press firmly on the stapler's handle until the staple has gone through the entire stack of paper.


Different brands of heavy-duty staplers may have a different sheet capacities. Check the packaging of the stapler and staples before buying them to make sure they fit your needs.