Instructions for How to Mount a Quartet Dry Erase Board

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Quartet is a leading maker of dry erase boards and other office supplies. Some dry erase boards have individual stands that hold them up and allow them to be flipped over and swiveled around for better viewing. For permanent wall installation of their products, Quartet suggests using wall anchors and screws through the metal eyelets attached to the back of the board. Wall anchors allow you to safely screw into drywall and provide excellent support.

Select the height you would like to place the board at. Mark this height with a small "x" on the wall.

Measure the distance between the two eyelets on the back of the board. There is one on each side about four inches away from the edge. Your measurement should be between the center of each hole so when you go to hang the board, they will line up perfectly with the screws.

Hold your level against the wall so the bottom edge passes directly through the center of your "x" mark.

Watch the level bubble and turn the level until the bubble is perfectly in the center of its tube.

Hold the level firmly in place and draw a line, using the level as your ruler.

Make two marks along the line you drew that are the same width apart as the measurement you took between the two eyelets. These will mark the locations of your wall anchors and screws.

Push the tip of your screwdriver into the center of the two marks you just made. Push firmly until the screwdriver punctures a hole in the drywall. This will allow you to install the wall anchors easily. Repeat this operation for both marks.

Slide a wall anchor into each of the holes you just made. Push the wall anchors all the way into the holes until they lay flush in the wall.

Use your drill to drive a screw into the wall anchor leaving about a quarter of an inch out for the board to hang on. This causes the edges of the wall anchors to widen and bury themselves in the sides of the drywall for a secure hold. Repeat this process in the other wall anchor.

Lift the board to the height of your screws and slide the eyelets over the heads of the screws. Let the board hang on the screws.


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