Office cork boards are commonly used to post notices, awards, charts or other information employees and coworkers should see or to display reminders and personal mementos at an employee's desk. The best height to hang a cork board in your office depends on the location of the board and its primary function.

In a Hallway

Hang cork boards where they can easily be seen in the hallways of your office so employees and coworkers don't miss anything important. Hang the cork boards at the same height as art galleries hang pieces of art on display, which puts the center of the board between 54 and 60 inches above the floor. This is considered "at eye-level," as most people can comfortably view the cork board while standing in front of it at that height.

In the Break Room

Consider whether your employees or coworkers will typically view the cork board while sitting down or standing in the break room. If the cork board is behind a table, microwave or other piece, it should be easily visible. For example, hang the cork board so it's between 6 and 12 inches above anything that could block the view of the cork board. Place the board where it's easy to get to if you update the contents frequently.

In a Private Office or Cubicle

Cork boards in private offices or cubicles make it easy for the office occupant to show off photos and post schedules and notes, so she can easily keep track of important reminders. Hang the board so it's not hidden behind her computer monitor or other office equipment. She should be able to clearly and comfortably see her cork board while seated in her office chair. Hang the board 6 to 12 inches above her desk, filing cabinet or other office furniture.

In Shared Office Space or Meeting Rooms

Cork boards hung in shared offices or meeting rooms should be visible to everyone who shares the room and needs to see what's posted on the board. Hang the board 12 inches above any furniture or high enough so everyone in the room will have a clear view. If there are a lot of people who will view the board from seated and standing positions, hang it so the center of the board is about 54 inches from the floor.