How to Make a Cheap Poster Display Stand

by Brandon Salo ; Updated September 26, 2017
Pine is a common wood choice for many types of retail stands.

Display your posters for any retail event with a cheap, homemade stand. A poster display stand can be constructed out of simple materials like pine boards and held together with standard screws that can be found at any hardware store. Build a poster display stand to hold two posters so that people who come from different directions can both see them. A poster display stand like this can be built in any garage or workshop in less than an hour.

Lay two 60-inch boards parallel, 28 inches apart. Lay one 28-inch board flat between the 60-inch boards at a right angle so it is flush with a pair of ends. They make a U-shape. Screw two screws through the 60-inch boards and into each end of the 28-inch board. Set another 28-inch board on edge and between the 60-inch boards at a right angle so it is 30 inches away from the first 28-inch board. Screw two screws through the 60-inch boards and into each end of this 28-inch board. This is one side to your poster stand. Repeat this step to build the other side.

Position the sides to your display stand upright so the 28-inch boards are off of the ground and against each other. The edges that the lower 28-inch boards were laying on are against each other now. Screw two hinges to the sides so they are each 2 inches away from the edges of the sides. Use the screws that came with the hinges. The sides are able to fold out away from each other at the bottom until they make a 180-degree angle.

Spread the bottom of the legs apart 36 inches. Set a 36-inch board underneath each pair of legs and screw through the 36-inch boards and into the legs to keep the stand from spreading apart any further. Use four screws for this task.


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