The Docubind Personal Binding System is a machine produced by The General Binding Corporation. It can punch many sheets of paper at once and create threaded or bound documents out of the individual sheets of paper. Operate your binding system by plugging it in and powering it up, aligning the sheets of paper you want to bind, punching holes in the paper, inserting the plastic binding comb, threading the pages together and emptying the chip drawer.

Power the binding system by inserting the female end of the machine’s power cord into the power receptacle found at the rear of the device. Insert the male end of your power cord into a power outlet. Attach the foot pedal cord firmly to its receptacle located at the back of the machine.

Punch the paper by aligning the sheets and inserting the edge you want to bind into the punch throat. Gently tap the sheets so that they are flush with the bottom of the punch throat and with the edge guide. You can either hold the sheets in place with your hand or you can rest the paper on the wire paper support. Press the "Punch" button or push the foot pedal.

Bind your punched paper by placing the plastic comb binding mechanism behind the vertical comb with the open part of it facing you. Twist the bind lever upward in your direction until the comb binding mechanism opens up enough for you to insert your document.

Thread the front cover of your document, with the front facing downward, onto the fingers of the open binding comb. Thread the pages, with the front of the pages facing downward, onto the binding comb. Place the back cover as the final page on the open fingers of the binding comb.

Close the binding comb by pushing the bind lever away from you and back to its original position.

Lift your book upwards in order to remove it. Open the chip drawer by gently pulling it toward you and empty it after several uses. The drawer pops into place when putting it back in.