How Do I Address a Letter to a Board of Directors?

by Timothea Xi; Updated September 26, 2017
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If you need to write a letter to a company's board of directors, make sure the outside envelope as well as the letter itself are addressed appropriately. Your letter can address the entire board as an entity or specific members of the board.


The outside envelope of your letter should state the full name of the intended board member recipient, preceded by Mr. or Ms., followed by the name of the board on the next line, the organization on the next and, finally, the address. Designate a specific person among the board to address the letter to if there are numerous members. For a chairman, insert "Chairman of [name of board]" in the line following the full name.

Letter Form and Salutation

In the letter itself, list the members of the board individually in the addressee section, each on a separate line before the address. Otherwise, state just the name of the chairman, followed by his title. Or, opt for the more general "The Board of Directors," followed by the name and address of the organization. You can designate any specific members in the line following the address, such as: "Attn: Member name, Title." In a greeting addressing everyone, say "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the XYZ Corporation Board," or say "Dear Members of the Board of Directors:"

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