Projector ceiling mounts typically install the projector in an upside down position so its buttons face the floor and are easier to operate. To facilitate this, InFocus projectors have a menu setting that flips the projected image upside down so it will be right-side up when the image comes from a flipped projector. If your projector's outputted image is upside down, you can adjust it in the device's settings.

Turn the projector on and wait for it to warm up and begin projecting an image.

Press the projector remote's "Menu" button to open its on-screen display (OSD) menu.

Use the right arrow button to select the "Installation" or "Installation I" menu from the list of menu choices.

Press the down arrow button until "Projection" is selected.

Press either the left or right arrow button to select "Front" or "Rear" from the menu. The Front setting is suitable for most business applications, but consider using the Rear setting if the projector is located behind the screen and pointed toward the audience. If the projector is positioned upside down, select the "Ceiling" or "Rear+Ceiling" option.

Press "Menu" to exit the OSD. You may need to press the button a few times to completely remove the menu from your screen.


If you don't have the remote handy, you can also use the buttons on your InFocus projector's top panel.